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Hello! Thanks for making a neat tool for quickly being able to see help files! I was wondering if you'd consider an option to increase the text size for people more visually impaired? 

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. That shouldn't be too hard to do :) I'll try to add it in the next update. 

Thank you! <3


Hello, thank you for creating such a useful software; but, I'm not sure why it isn't launching today. It worked great the last time I used it, which was last week. I'm running Windows 10.

Does it display any error message? Or it just doesn't show up?

Hi, it doesn't show up.


Hmm, hard to guess what's wrong. I did upload a new version (1.7) of MVFinder now. If there are any problems during loading at the start an error message should show up now with some details.

If we're lucky this might get us further.

Very helpful, thanks a lot. Just want to let you know I got a 'danger file' message when trying downloading it. I know it's not, I just want to let you know. 


oh! what a cool idea for a tool!


i've been using for a bit and its seems really simple and useful. i can see myself using this a lot. thanks for making it!


Very welcome! I use it almost daily for my MV work