Numina Progress Report

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since the last update on the game’s progress, so here goes!

I’ve spent the last two months finishing the second chapter’s main “hub” which is the city of Phaladar. There are several quests that involve one of the party members to deepen Shawn’s bond with them and learn a bit about their backstory on top of that.

Each of these quests have their own little area that you get to explore, so there was a lot of work for the new maps, enemies and cutscenes involved. As established in previous posts, this chapter really focusses on the relationships between the cast so I’ve worked on a bunch of very fun scenes which I hope you’ll enjoy!

A screen from “The Garden of Illusions”

Another big part is the final dungeon called “The Garden of Illusions” which I’m currently working on. The featured picture of this article is actually a screenshot of the dungeon! I love to get a bit weird so this is an opportunity for me to really dish it out.

As with the first chapter, the plot thickens towards the end and tensions are rising! I’ve started working on the big final confrontation, but things like these take their time. Hopefully I have the next release ready for betatesting before the end of the year.

Creating games is a huge passion of mine and I’m very thankful for everyone who enjoys my work (especially if you took the time to read through this!) But it does take time and loads of creative energy so thank you very much for sticking around!

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Honestly, your game is amazing. I've just recently finished and find myself checking often for updates, and while I typically don't comment much, you surely deserve the praise! I too am interested in creating games, though I am so new to the world of software that I've yet to grasp how to start, but what I do know is that I would want my game to have the same clear passion, love, and care as yours does! I've played many rpg games (as they are my preferred) and yours has firmly rooted itself on the top of my favorites list! It is honestly BEAUTIFUL, both in story and in visuals (which are absolutely stunning, beyond words). I love how you took such care to craft the story from the ground up. That is to say, you didn't directly introduce the obvious, such as the love and relations of the characters, but more so allowed the player to learn through context. It feels genuine. I think that is a sign of a great creator! :)

(I will adapt this comment for the demo itself, so as to hopefully aid in convincing others to play!) Best wishes! :)


Ahh even though I'm trying to be patient I'm super excited for chapter 2 to come out! But take your time, we'd much rather have a good game than a fast game!