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A 4th wall breaking RPG that makes its characters and the world surrounding them aware of you - the player.

It all begins in a remote village, where a young man called Shawn travels together with his friends to the Temple of the Clouds. 


There, Shawn gets into contact with you(!) - a guardian spirit. A bodyless entity from ancient tales... that talks in his head! You directly interact with him through the 4th wall as your own character in the game's world. Your relationship to him and the other characters will shape the events unfolding.



The main focus lies on the bond between you and Shawn and how well you two get along as you travel the world of Alterna. Shawn's affection towards you and other characters is influenced based on what you say to him during the course of the story!


The game incorporates a turn-based battle system, fused with action-commands for certain skills that require precise timed-inputs. Each character brings their own battle-style into play for a thrilling battle experience. For example, Cassandra uses a bow which requires you to really take aim at the enemies to land a critical hit:


I've been working on Numina for quite some time now. In the beginning it was a German-only release, but I wanted to present the project to a broader audience, which is why this demo also ships with an English localization.

I currently don't have a set release date for the full game, because I'm still working on it. But I'm very excited about this first international release and I can't wait to hear your feedback! :)


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yeai m gona lsiten to sandy the panic lozer loool what a joke panic game programmer :D

i got a remote controll use it

to mute him

guys will you stop with these demo versions im gona kill my mtoehr the games are 3 i want them over 10 k levles balanced with statics right not buggy 1 game and not touch my save to do it anonymous 

hey got something with balanced climbing the chinese wall temples with holy monsters unique items rare and green like diablo and a lot more  climbing the tower filled with 1000 levels etc stop panic and provide me a good game its like a tv you can do anything i want some balanced game ok :? stop with those bugs

hey love they game but im stuck i cant get out of town after i find sarah it just tells me either random letters or a language i dont know and then my chosen name please help

Hey! Sorry about that! Could you post a screen of said message? I'm not sure where exactly you are. But once you've entered Aluyin, you need to go to Shawn's place first (north-east of the map), then find Raphael at the statue outside, next go to the assembly hall (north-west) and back to Shawn's home.


This game is getting more intense! With each new character introduction I fall in love with this game even more! Everything is so well done! Great job!

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to watch it :)


Also made a video for the first part of the game i recorded and read most of the text outloud will upload soon maybe. 

Takes forever to play the game if i'm reading out loud so i might stop that and just play the game while recording

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Hey ! This game is super cool I love it !!! The only problem is... I can't get out of the forest of Lost Memories... If someone can help me pls !!!??? -_-

Hey there! Thanks! Glad you like the game! Where exactly are you stuck? (:

This game is pretty straight forward . if your in the part where fog is surronding you and there's path ways going left and right just go forward there should be a log that u can grapple onto besides the point there should be a character to follow to help u out of there


Actually... There was a bug so I was stuck. I could turn left right or up but I just returned to where I came from so... Yeah I'm not stuck anymore !!! And I saw the end !!! IT WAS SO AMAZING IT MAKES ME SHIVERS !!!!!! I love it pls continue your good work.

Thank you so much! Glad you liked the ending c: 

I'm definitely working on more, so please stick around for the next release!

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"Hey Shawn, Wake up"



Hope this helps these are the only things i consider as a puzzel

Escaping the guards--- the first two you see the one on the left is your big problem. Looks back twice within a short time the a somewhat long pause walk past him go to the well below and then the wall go one tile infront the wall and go down until you cant anymore. then start walking right under the trees if you think u got stuck or not moving go up one tile and continue moving right after that you will be free.

-Ghost wall pushing puzzle thing--- Their will be a Tile/block emitting a light source going North
there are things with lines on them they will help you direct the light into the statue you will need to push the movable things a little bit

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Hello Players and the Owner/Company of the game.

Numina is a well develop game but i recently re-downloaded just in case of updates or bugs. And complete the game once more. (On hard)
Even though it was hard and i encountered more enemies it seemed to easy..
Also good videos --- @MadPanda Games --- 
After defeating the boss (Spoilers) before the big explosion and city being destroyed 
i was kinda sad about not having more to it. i completed the game within a 2 hours and 30 mins =).
I wish i could join the team and help you's on the storyline.
Is there more then one ending btw been messing around with the selections
And im thinking of making videos on this game =) (Probably

 Speed run vids)

Hey there! 

Thank you for your lengthy answer. And let me just say -  a speedrun would be so cool :D I'm sure you'll find plenty of loopholes. Let me know if you'll upload anything to YT or alike!

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Also im kinda confused there was a sword disappearing and reappearing on the bottom right of one of the levels with fog i went to it an interacted with it it did nothing expect for go down.
Also when i was collecting one of the items in the game the name it says onc i picked it up is something like /sy or /sx or something like that


It took me a while to complete this part of the demo but I finally managed it! Once you realize what you have to do everything becomes clear. Good job!

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to watch it!!! :)

I'm having an issue with the ice cave guardian thing in the caves where we rescued Raph. It just keeps on hardening and using powder to heal itself. Is there something I'm missing?

Nevermind! I figured it out!

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Hey, Starlit. You've made an awesome game, but i need help with something.

Im stuck in the Forest of Lost Memories (for some days right now), where you need to not get caught by the guards, it seems impossible to me, i tried many ways, and sometimes it is a little random, repeating the same steps , sometimes the guard sees me, and sometimes he does not (in the same position, same steps)

I don't find any gameplay that is in the level that i am. Ignoring this, the quality of the textures, particles, effects, camera movements, are just... amazing.

I would really appreciate if you help me with this part xd.

Hey there. First, thank you so much for the kind words! There's a specific timing to when the guards pay attention. You need to take the long route, walk towards the well and then go from there on the lower half of the map towards east. Both guards have two pauses when they turn away: A shorter one and a long one. The shorter one doesn't give you enough time to pass them, so observe them and wait for the longer one to begin before passing by. Also don't walk too close to them or they'll notice you anway. Hope this helps! :)


Thanks you!


Probably one of the best rpgmaker games I've played in a long long time! I'm so excited to see the finished game! Where can I donate to help out with the development? :3

Wow thank you so much for the praise! :) I'm working hard on even improving the game for the upcoming chapter.

You can "purchase" the game https://starlit.itch.io/numina/purchase and name a price. That way you'll donate to the game and a small and deserved share also gets to itch.io :) 

Holy Banana bread ! this game is AMAZING I cant wait till chapter 2 comes out. The only thing I can say is the start of the game the controls are confusing and not knowing what button does what but I dont care it didnt take away any enjoyment I had for the game. I wish you luck and I hope all goes well 10/10

Hey there! Thank you so much for the feedback :) I see what I can do about an introduction to the controls!

Another episode down! In this one I really got into the morality of the game, as I had to start making choices that would shape how characters interacted with each other. I look forward to delving deeper into that! Good job!

I'm having a problem with the game it won't let me delete it off my computer. It's saying the file is still open, So I deleted every file until it got down to the 'Font' file, now I can't get it off my computer as many time as I have tried. Can you help me?

Sorry for the inconvenience! Have you tried restarting your system and then deleting the file? What version of Windows are you running?

I'm on windows 10, Also thank you that worked! I wanted to say I did enjoy the game but it wasn't my thing. I hope you keep working on this for others to enjoy!


Hi! I would like to know if a version for Mac will be release? Because i really think i would love the game, Thanks!

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Hey there! Yes the next release will be available for Mac & Linux :)


I liked that there was down time for the characters to reflect and prepare instead of just throwing them into the next quest.! It really shows that you like developing and advancing your characters' growth! Good job!

Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy watching your LPs, hearing you voice the characters and sharing your thoughts on what's happening :) Also happy that you enjoyed the character scenes! Can't wait for the next episode!


This is a great game. I would fully reccomend this to anyone who likes rpgs and interesting storys. The way the game handles breaking the 4th wall is done perfectly in my opinion. Really looking forward to more updates to the game

Hey, thanks for taking the time and leave a comment! :) Really appreciate that you liked that aspect of the game.


keeping an eye on this project

Awesome thanks!


I'm really enjoying the combat style so far. I like how you change it for each character. It keeps the combat from seeming repetitive. Good job!

Thanks so much for sharing! Haven't gotten around to watch Part 3 yet, but I've shared it on Numina's Facebook page c:


anychance of releasing and porting it to the Sega dreamcast? (it needs more rpgs!) XD.  Looks amazing, love the ideas. Good lucl for the rest of the project

I think I'll focus on getting out on PC first xD Thanks!


I'm loving this game so far! I finally reached the mechanic where you are actually in the game and it was really well implemented. I can't wait to play more!

Ok honestly,,,, the plot is pretty cool i'm not gonna lie. Like this was so fun to play lol. I experienced one bug towards the ending of the demo where Shawn was like super tiny and it was like wut lol but then it stopped after the next two scenes so I was like yayyyy

This was the first game i've played where it breaks a fourth wall which is so COOL ahhhh--i've actually been wanting to play a game like this. I look forward to the next chapter-- keep going strong starlit !!!!

Thank you so much! :) Happy you enjoyed bending the 4th wall :) I think it is one of the more unique characteristics of the game, so I'm happy you enjoyed that part.

Everything happened so fast, for a second there I was taken aback at the intensity. But I enjoyed every moment of the game so far! I look forward to playing more! Good job!

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Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time and writing me feedback :) Really happy you enjoyed the game & thanks for sharing your LP! Are you going to continue the LP or was this just a one off? I'm kinda sorry that you had to sit through the prologue for the first episode, since there isn't much to do in the beginning. I've added some interactivity in these early parts for the upcoming version.

And THAAAANKS for pronouncing the title as NOOOmina :'D Fun fact: It's actually the way you'd pronounce it in German which is the way I'm used to. I never thought about how it would sound in English and NUmina (like you'd say the U in numb) just doesn't sound as cool in my head.

Let me know if you'll upload more episodes, I'd be very happy to share them through social media :)


Oh my friggen goodness...I've just played through the demo and I just want to say that this game is AMAZING. Some people may just look and say "oh its just another RPGMaker game..." BUT ITS NOT. This is on an entriely new level. All of the design, particles, animations, battle system,  adaptive story, and overall experience seriously makes this game one of the greatest RPG games I've ever played in my life.  Although I experience that same escape-crash bug, this game is great and I am really excited to play the full game.  


Wow that's a great praise, thank you so much! Really happy you enjoyed it. I hope not too many people are turned off by the RPG Maker artstyle and will at least give it a shot :) 


I am absolutely loving playing through your game, but I seem to be having an issue with the Slim in the green essence side quest - it freezes about half way through the battle and I have to restart the game.

I also get a complete crash whenever I attempt to flee from an enemy, regardless if it is succesfull or not.

Not sure if this is an issue anyone else has had and it isn't stopping me playing through the demo, as I absolutely love the story so far and the standard is mindblowing!


Hey there! Thank you so much for the feedback! :)

Yes, there were some other players who had the specific issue of the game crashing when trying to flee. But sadly I couldn't reproduce the issue on my own PC yet. I hope you'll enjoy the game nonetheless.


I do enjoy it very much and can't wait for the complete game :) You should be very proud though!


Hi, first of all I have to say that your game looks really impressive. The story is neat and your mapping is awesome. 

But I have a question since I didn't find anything about it. Did you make all of the stuff by yourself? The edits of the sprites and tilesets, all the scripts and especially these particle effects?

I'm just curious because I couldn't find any credits or a list of people involved into this project beside the composer of the soundtrack.

Would be mindblowing if it's all done by a single person.


Hi! Yes, many of the edits were done by myself and I've written many scripts (such as the particle system) for the game which is also why it took so long to get to this point :D Glad you enjoyed it & I hope you stick around for the next release!


Wow, thats crazy. Are you a programmer or are you working in the gaming industry? It looks so professional that I can't believe it's just a selftought hobby of you :D


I wanted to work in the industry but I feel like I'll have a lot more freedom over everything doing this as a hobby, mostly on my own :)


I finished the demo the game is very good I enjoyed it very much and hope that it inspires other people to play and join. I already recommended the game to other people over the net. There are a few bugs in it but if I may make a suggestion with one or two things. Your item menu if you can place a auto arrange or re arrange option. ( also one of your items has a blank name that needs tweaking.) Thanks for the entertaining experience and I hope you develop even more games like this. ☺


Hey there! Thank you very much for the recommondations and the feedback! :) I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and I'll take your suggestions to heart with the reworked menu for the next release. I'm working on the 2nd chapter of Numina, so there definitely be more :)


Thanks for the feed back starlit that sounds wonderful I can't wait to test your next release. I'll try to provide any healthy  suggestions or helpful advice if I believe it may provide you with more additional help. :) I really did enjoy it hope you keep up the great work. 

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It won't seem to be able to launch the game.

Does it just open up a black window, or nothing at all? Do you see any error messages?


hey starlit and i just wanna say i love numina it the best game ever and i hope you make games more like this one and in the future from ilow

p.s good luck and love you :3


Thank you so much! c:

Hello there! I really enjoyed your games ^ ^

I would like to make a Vienamese translate! :p

Email: namhoang7628@gmail.com

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out, I'll send you a mail asap :)


Hey buddy i wanted to do a lets play  youtube video of your game. if your okey with it can you pls write me a email at aceholeentertainment@gmail.com  . i am still small but i liked your game :D

Of course you can LP the game, thanks for asking though :) Feel free to share the link! I'll definitely watch it.

Was this created with RPGMaker series or Visual Studio? Has some nice graphic effects.

Thank you! It was created with RPG Maker XP


Interesting! Didn't know RPGMaker was capable of such effects. Was it the VX:Ace edition or the most recent one?

The demo was with Rpg Maker XP(!) But I'm working with the latest one for the upcoming release.


XP is such a classic! I remember it during 2000 but it was with a shrink-type game where all the girls were giantess

Thank you! It was created with RPG Maker XP

Do you have a full game I can purchase? Or is it just a demo? :)

I'm working on the full game, currently there's only the demo, sorry!


Thanks I can't wait for the full game, do you know the estimated price? :)


I'm in love with this game, I'm glad you put so much of your time and effort to make this game. I'm completely entranced by the story and how you play as the main character and that you also interact with him. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT IT TO BE SPOILED!!! It's also heartbreaking. The death of Aura made me cry. Is so sad. There are the funny characters, too! Like the old man with the relationship thingamaob who just takes your money. But, all in all. I'm glad I found this game. I love it and can't wait to see the finished product <33 Love you creator c: Also, I wanted to choose German as the language to play in, but unfortunately I can't read it because my school wouldn't let me take German. Apparently, there was only one class for the first level. I could've been in third level German by now. >:c  

Aww thank you so much for taking the time to write this! c: It makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed the game so much. I'm working hard to make sure the rest of the game will get even better than the first chapter.

Apart from that I can only recommend Duolingo for learning languages. But I guess it takes a bit more self-discipline than taking a class: https://www.duolingo.com/


Its a real catching story, i needed to leave tear for the death of Aura on the beginning.

It was so sad, i want a hug :c

Here, have a virtual hug c: Happy to hear you connected to the story!


Thank you for the vitual hug, still didn't help. :c

there a problem every time i play fight scene it get me out the game can you help me :(

it with bandits

In the cave or where exactly in the game are you?

with the bandits every time i play it stop the game it didn't work  when i  i restart game but still it didn't work

and i when i tried to save the kid best friend

I'm not exactly sure where you are. You can send me a savegame to contact(at)starlit-studio.com and I'll try to figure out your problem.

love the demo so far, but i'm stuck on one area (i just added the new girl after the sisters death and came down from the mountain)

Have you been back to the village yet?

yeah or at least i think so


nevermind i finally found out what i was supposed to do

Awesome! Don't hesitate to ask again, if you need any help :)


thanks i will

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