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Step through the 4th Wall…

…into the world of NUMINA. You get in contact with Shawn who is able to hear your voice through the 4th wall! You meet in a very critical moment where Shawn loses someone very close to him while being swept up in a conspiracy that involves your mutual bond. A plot threatening to shake the foundations of the world.

Your bond will be tested in an exciting adventure that fuses many classic RPG aspects: A character-driven story in which your relationships change the course of the story, a dynamic battle system, challenging puzzles, towns waiting to be explored and other exciting locations!

✨ Play the full story now ✨
Numina released in two parts. Part I was released in July '22 and Part II in March '23. You can now get the Complete Edition containing both parts. 

Key Features

  • Breaking the 4th Wall
    The 4th wall is a concept from theater where the actors on stage directly interact with the audience. In the same fashion, you partake in the story of Numina as a character in the form of a bodiless voice that only Shawn can hear - a guardian spirit. You can interact with Shawn and influence his decisions through dialogue choices in the game.

  • Branching Decisions
    The decisions you make influences the relationship Shawn has with the other characters you'll meet in the game. Having good relationships with your party members unlocks powerful combo-attacks in battle and may open up the opportunity to take your relationship to the next level ♥ Your decisions also influence the overall course of the story to conclude into one of the four possible endings.

  • Battle with the Elements
    Engage in a round-based combat system with action inputs for some attacks that require you to make timed inputs for maximum damage! Each character also has unique elemental abilities to exploit enemy weaknesses. Incorporate this into your strategy to quickly win battles.

  • Explore the World of Alterna
    Most side quests in NUMINA allow you to dive deeper into the backstory and lore of the world. But you can also explore the beautiful scenery with your grappling hook to reach higher places and find new gear, spell scrolls or rare items.

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Buy Now$16.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $16.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Numina Part I (Windows) 1.2 GB
Version 1.22.3
Numina Part I (macOS) 1.2 GB
Version 1.22.3
Numina Part I (Linux) 1.2 GB
Version 1.22.4
Numina - Complete Edition (Part I & II, Windows) 1.4 GB
if you pay $19.99 USD or more
Version 1.22.3
Numina - Complete Edition (Part I & II, macOS) 1.5 GB
if you pay $19.99 USD or more
Version 1.22.3
Numina - Complete Edition (Part I & II, Linux) 1.4 GB
if you pay $19.99 USD or more
Version 1.22.4

Download demo

Demo (Windows) 856 MB
Version 1.20.9
Demo (OSX) 853 MB
Version 1.22.1
Demo (Linux) 843 MB
Version 1.22.4

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Sadly, the Mac demo crashes when you go from "New Game" -> "Close". I am on a M1 Monterey if that can help.

Sorry for the inconvenience! I'll check it ASAP

I just uploaded an update for macOS that should fix the issue 🙂


Thank you, now it works. I am going to try it this weekend!

Have fun! 😊

does this come with a steam code?

No, but if you want it for Steam you just can get it regularly on there :) 

I was using Launcher.exe to play the demo, and don't see my saves in Part 1, complete, or the demo's game.exe. Is there a way I can transfer the save, or is starting over the only the only option? If there is, is starting over a considerably better option?

I'm so sorry for the late reply! Somehow I didn't get the notification :( 

You can transfer the save files:

  1. Navigate the Part 1's directory and look for the save folder
  2. Copy the entire folder and paste it into the Complete Edition's folder

Please let me know if you need any further help!

Can anyone help me? I'm stuck in the garden of illusions, where you have to put the code in for the blue crystal. I can't for the life of me remember anything about a 4 digit code for a blue crystal

Did you do Cassandra's sidequest? You don't need this code to progress, it's just something extra.

There are two switches on two platforms on either side of the area where all the bones are lying around. Activate both of them and you should be able to progress :)

Let me know if you need any further help!

I got it, thank you! I did do Cassandra's side quest, but before I put in the code, I don't think I was able to progress even after pressing the 2 switches. It was only after I inputted the code that a walk path appeared to progress.

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"A few seconds left..." on download. Demo, the Part 1, Complete, all of these hang before I get an actual game.

I feel scammed.

Okay, it appears to be an issue with Waterfox (I run it because it supports more add-ons). But Firefox also tried to hang. If itch.io will allow it, I recommend using a self-extractor install file like you get from InstallCreator. I'm not sure big .zip files do well.

I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with those issues. I've never heard of similar reports, so I'm happy you got the download working. itch.io also has a launcher app that also updates the games, which might have been an alternative solution. 

Sorry again & let me know if you have any other issues.

It seemed to have something to do with my Waterfox browser. I downloaded Firefox just for the game, and it worked.

how do i solve the light puzzle at beggining of chapter 2?

Hey there! Which one do you exactly mean? In which area are you?

There's also a German guide (it might be understandable with Google Translate) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2828500510


I was in the area where paolo and cassandra were locked up.

I solved the puzzle with the guide. Thanks.


Heey!! im so happy to see you update the second part of the game! I CANT WAIITTT, I love this game so so much, is awesome, beautiful aesthetics, incredible characters, I- I cant. 


When I was playing it, when you are in the rebel's beach, if you get out of the place to, for example other scenery, without looking the tend where Arc and Raph is, then Sarah will say she will come with you, then if you want to go backhand speak with the guard, they will speak to you in Germany XDD,i forgot to make a screenshot! Im sorry, but if you want I can try to go back there to show you.

PS: rn im so worried about Raph, like, he dont deserve all of this :(((, I have a question, if you want to respond, Rap is a RO for Shawn? Because at first I thought that and I tried so hard to pair them out, but at this moment I dont even know if this could be possible xDDD

Thank you so much for leaving this comment! c: 

And sorry about the German guard hahaha, should be fixed in an upcoming update.


Well if you want to know, there are special scenes with Raph if you try to pursue him. But he is not one of the four official available romances. 

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I've been following this game for a while now and the demo immediately stuck with me at the time since I just like the idea of your player character and you having this sort of bond. That and RPG has always had a bit of a soft spot in my heart. 

But yeah,  I've always planned on buying it once I got the money to do so— and guess what? I was able to get Numina on Steam! And Part 2 came out just as I bought the base game, so Extra Fun!!! :DDD  I'm so happy you were able to get this out!

So haha, yeah, I'm pretty excited to go through the whole game since I just think it's really interesting and cool. That and I love Shawn and Raphael, they're darlings! <3

Sjhdkshs anyway, I just went to the itch.io page for the game since I just wanted to thank you so much for making this!! I'll treasure the many memories I'll get with this game! <3 <3


Aww thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment! I'm currently sick in bed and reading this truly made my day 😊

I hope you'll enjoy the game and I'd love to read what you thought about it, once you've finished it!

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// this is a real long one, i apologize, i couldn't help myself


I've finally finished my first run through of the whole game in about 23 or so hours and GODDAMN do I have some things to say after that! It's less review and more me screaming into the void about the game in a very incoherent manner.

Possible Spoilers and horribly long and non-chronological bullet points that are just me ranting about certain points in the game are under the cut.

[ Numina ] 

× it's rants all the way down... ×

First of all, rpg game is very rpg! I honestly don't hone too much attention on gameplay mechanics, but I'm very thankful for whoever thought we needed a story mode as a difficulty.  I get really dumb sometimes with combat so it's helpful to turn it on whenever haha

As for the music, I find myself partial to the end credits song (I'm guessing it's the one called Echoes)! It's all melancholic and stuff considering we just said Goodbye to Shawn and the gang and I really liked that.

The Goodbye Scene really did end up making me tear up though. Shawn and the gang are just so sweet it kinda hurts.

I'm gonna miss my first run version of Shawn and the gang. But like Naomi said, I can just keep coming back to them and she'll always be waiting. 

As a whole TLDR for what happened during my 19hr playthrough: I got the Noema end (Sarah ended up dying during the whole gate/fence thing so whoopsies, my bad) where I defeated Cealon and just destroyed the Guphs in finality rather than killing Naomi.

Unsure if this is a real Good End considering Raph still dies and I accidentally killed Sarah, but it's definitely a positive kind of end, so I'm content with this as of now.

At this point, I'm just gonna try to figure out how to get that very colorful question mark ending during my NG+ run. But I'm assuming that's just the end where everyone survives and the Guphs aren't sucking up souls anymore. Maybe Raph even EXTRA survives and gets a cure— idk, I'll find out later on. 

Anyway, Rant Time!

* Okay, first things first, fucking RIP everyone that was yeeted into the yummy fun magic making blender under the city temples. Especially the lil guy we were controlling at the introduction.



SKHDKSJSJ GODDAMN WAS MY TIME WITH HIM SHORT 😭😭 WHY WAS HE SO FUN WHEN HE WAS GONNA BE SO SO VERY DEAD LATER???? I mean I get it and I knew the portraitlessness of Masame probs meant SOMETHING but GOD was I not ready for that sudden loss.

* Moving onto other things, I think it's sweet how the guardian spirit and Shawn's relationship dynamic is like when you two just get along. I just love him to bits and want him to be happy <3

The whole relationship thing in game is cool in general. The highest relationship bar I think I had was either 3 or 4 hearts with every party member, feel like they could be higher tbh but ehhh...

Still proud I got a 7 heart relationship with Shawn tho. It was literally the one relationship I tried to maintain on the steady up and up in game lmao.

* As for the little things in-game? Well, I think it's pretty neat that Shawn absolutely doesn't care whether he wears the prince or princess outfit for the costume ball plans. He looks really nice as Princess Aurora! Or at least that's what I think his costume looks like. Really pretty either way!

But yeah, that one thing I fixated on aside, I love all the characters and their whole things!

Sarah and Jael's whole creator-created relationship and Sarah having found a family with Shawn and the others? Good Shit. 

Cassandra's disdain for the box that has cost her so much in these past days/probably weeks? Damn, I wish I could do more for you girl.

Aziel? My man, your whole existence is pain but thanks for weakening Kyade for me in that one battle. Davin? Perhaps in another life indeed.

The Ecclesia and the Rebels both being questionable as all hell with Cealon and Kyade as their leaders? God they always had me question where my loyalties should be during the run. Unfortunate for them that they lie only with Shawn.

As for my thoughts on the four party members? Well, the little moments that happen with Shawn and them are all very nice. I just like how easily they all ended up being friends— despite the looming terror of the Ecclesia hunting them down haha.

That and it's cute how the three have the possibility of having a romance route should you so steer Shawn in that direction. I was actually tempted to push him towards Arc buuut I held off a bit since I wanted to try a whole run without some romance sprinkled around for now.


There's something really funny about being blindsided in my post-narrative platonic route with Shawn by a confession scene by NONE OTHER THAN MYSELF!!!

I mean— I didn't mind the whole thing but WHAT????? I WASN'T INFORMED SHAWN AND THE PLAYER COULD END UP BEING A THING WHAT???

The fact that Shawn x Player can be an actual thing if you push through with a save that's only purely platonic for the gang is just— Oh my god??? Why would you do this to me??? I have so much Brainrot™ for Shawn now I can't— 🥺

Absolutely horrible how I just finished my first run of the game and I had to finish it while bawling. 

The fact that Shawn and Player confess possible romantic inclinations for each other in post-narrative hurts in this really bittersweet way that has me wanting to make fanfic so I can soothe that pain.

I hate this and how much I wanna write a drabble to say how sad I am that I'm never gonna see my Shawn and his endearing dork ass self again. (only technically, but y'know.)

Ahhh, but no joke, that was a really interesting part of my ending and I very much appreciated it despite this relationship being so short for Shawn and his Player.

But yeah, the whole rant about only a few parts of the game aside, I seriously wanna thank you for the wonderful experience this game has offered me in the span of 24 hours. It was a wild ass ride and I'll cherish the memories I gained dearly and will keep them close to my heart.

Again, thank you so much for Numina <3

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Omg haha, thank YOU for taking the time to write all of this up :D 

I love reading thorough writeups like this and get a feeling of how people connected to the game and the story. 


I found it very fascinating how many people voiced how fitting a romance between Player and Shawn would be. And the more I thought about it, the more sense it made :D Even though it was quite a challenge to come up with an organic way of playing it out.

I'm so happy that you saw the ending theme Echoes also as a goodbye to Shawn and the others which is exactly what I wanted it to express. 

Thanks again for your comment, it's really motivating and nice to see people connecting to something that's very close to my heart :)


I usually play games on story mode when given options but i found the mini games in the fights kinda fun so i restarted off story mode. 
All the characters are wonderfully written and I will break down the 4th wall myself with my bare hands to hug Shawn. 


Aww thank you so much for this! I'm happy you enjoyed the battles 🙂

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Hello sir,the update in 1.14 is fix the bug in a place name ??? In the sewer chapter 2 where cause glitches scene when Shawn near the gate?

Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you're referring to. Is this about the bug on mobile?

Yeah, have that already fix i want play this game in mobile too using emulator?

As mentioned before, the game is not supported on mobile for now. So I can't really work on a fix for that right now as I'm very busy with finishing Part II.

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hiiii, I've been following this game for a minute so I was so excited when I saw part 1 released, but I've changed my laptop since the last time I played and now I'm on Mac. So, I wanted to see if the game would lag on it, so I was trying to play the demo but it crashes as soon as I press enter on close  :(

Sorry for the inconvenience! :( Could you post a screenshot of the crash screen or email me at numina.official@gmail.com

The same thing happened to me, and here I thought would be the first RPGmaker game Mac download I have ever found that successfully runs for the first 5 minutes. 

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just played the demo and it's majestic and beautiful! looking forward to the game :)

Thank you so much! ❤️


Hey there! I've been following your game for a few years now and I'm so eager to play the full version (or at least part 1 for now)! I've been eagerly awaiting adventuring with Shawn and the gang! That being said I seem to be having an issue. I bought the game on release day a few days ago. Today I had to delete it thanks to tech issues on my end but when I went to redownload the game from the URL itch.io provides, I'm only getting the option to download the demo only even though I definitely paid for the game itself. Any help you can give? And anyone else having similar issues?

Hey there! 

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. It might have something to do with the launch discount that ended yesterday 🤔I've contacted itch.io support on this matter.

Please reply with your Email or Discord so I can send you a Download Key so you get access to the game in the meantime.

Thanks so much for the assistance! Is there any way I’d be able to privately send you my email? I’d just rather not have my email listed publicly in the replies 😅

Sure, write me a quick mail to numina.official(at)gmail.com

Just make sure to use the Email you also used for your purchase :)


Hiiii!!! I think I see a little inconsistency, in the photo we see Sarah talking when you speak with the merchant, but supposedly Sarah had already left! 

I see a little bugs sometimes when you talk to NPCs like the text suddenly cut and appear the options to choose before the NPC finish their lines and then, when you choose, the lines continues like nothing to later continue the dialogue with the chosen option (I mean, idc this little errors, but I think I should tell you) [Im playing in a MacOS BigSur ver 11.2.1, I bought it via steam, idk if you need al this information,  but just in case]

On other hand I love the little details you put since beginning, so is not bored to play all the game again, the battle system changes too, and I like the news mechanics, the characters are lovely like always and the story is very interesting, you did a great job!! And I am very proud to have followed this project for several years, because I feel good seeing its evolution!!

Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this :) 

Happy to hear you've enjoyed the game, especially since you've been following Numina for so long! 

And also thanks for reporting that bug! :)

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Hiii!!! Im sorry to bother you again, I just finished the game (okey, I really really love it, and I cant wait for part two, its like, I try to search all the game and I have like 13-14 hours of game xD and I idk what to say, you put a lot of work and everybody who want to play it, will see that) I have other bug to report tho, idk if I was the only one to whom this happened, but SPOILER

when the Ecclesia guys interrupted in Arc's house and the group need to scape, all this part until the Garden I literally could traspase the walls, persons, and everything, idk why, maybe a little bug or something? Idk if this has anything to do with it, but I was with the «always run» option all the way and normally, when you hold down the action button in dialogues, it will go a lot of faster, but sometimes some dialogues overlap with others, and maybe this has something to do with that bug 

I hope this will help you!! Byee

PS: I don't want to pressure or something like that, but you have like a ideal date to part two? Its only pure curiosity, plis take your time, you did a great job with the first part :D

Oh, I thought you already finished Part 1 before your first comment, happy that you've also enjoyed the rest of the game :D And thank you for reporting that bug! I'll investigate it :) 

There's no fixed date for the release of Part 2 yet, my current goal is towards the end of the year.


Glad I downloaded the demo first. Unfortunately won't be buying this game. First things first this demo had zero audio for some reason no matter how loud my computer settings was and what the game settings said which was strange. Secondly the game was like 20 minutes of just cutscenes alone, also the cutscenes were super laggy. Another thing is that the battle system didn't work right because of the lag it wouldn't allow me to correctly do the timed events after the attacks or to defend. While the visuals are pretty this isn't a game I can give a shot at, Though I will say it is a pretty unique design to have the 4th wall break with the player being able to chat with the main character every so often so well done.


Sorry for the inconvenience! We never encountered such severe performance issues during testing. Would you mind sharing your system's specs for me to better understand the situation?

  • OS & Version (e.g. Windows 10)
  • CPU Model
  • GPU Model
  • RAM amount

Thank you! :)

As good as this game looks i think i'm going to have to download the demo to see how well it will play on my computer first. Don't want to buy and then suddenly have the game lagging non stop lol. Is this game available on steam or just itchio?

You can also get it on Steam :) https://store.steampowered.com/app/597060/Numina/

Hello Starlit Games. I’m just curious about the resolution and tile size of your game? It looks great btw.

Hello there! The game runs at 1280x720 and the tiles are 48x48 :)

Thanks for the reply. That’s a good resolution. I thought you used 32x32 tiles though since I see some xp rtp in there. Maybe you’ve reworked the graphics to 48x48? 

Yes, indeed! The project originally started out on RPG Maker XP, so a lot of the original assets had to be reworked.

(1 edit) (+1)

is it free? its looks really cool and i wish to play it and happy hopes on you devs for this awesome game and hope to play and

The demo is free, but Part 1 releasing July 1st will be a paid release. Thank you so much for the kind words! :)


Very colourfull.
Cant choose betwin really nice and carying voice and grumpy cowardly voice hmmmmmmmmmmm, cant i be just evil mockering voice? 

Very intruiging demo i must say, totaly worth to wait for 1 chapter.

Haha that's the struggle! Thanks for playing!!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi, I remember playing your demo and I really loved it! 


The only thing is im a little confused about what part one includes. 

In the demo I remember going up to a part with (it was dark/red and you woke up in a jail cell but at this point it was in a different language) (I also think this was the start of a new chapter which is why it was untranslated but im not sure because its been a while)

 Was this section chapter two or three and will we go past it in Part One? And will part one have an ending or be more of a cliffhanger?


Hey there! :) Thanks for sticking around and your kind words!

So the 2017 demo which you played contained Chapter 1 and a tiny preview of Chapter 2, the first few minutes.  

Part 1 releasing on July 1st contains the whole of Chapter 1 and 2 which will take the story way past the 2017 demo content. But it will end on a cliffhanger as Part 2 will contain Chapter 3, the last third of the story.

Thank you I'm so excited to play this! and I usually try not to start unfinished games but I just had to because I just couldn't wait anymore for something this great! :))


It is very beautiful! 

Thanks! (:


hello :)  great demo of your game :) took me a few battles to understand how it works,i couldnt figure out with Cassandra though.  good story and characters

the battle against Aziel was pretty good too

good job :)


Thank you! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello there creator and others, my name is The GamerMan, and I am going to make video on game's demo (very small youtube channel), and I would like for some of you guys to check it out if you do not mind doing  so. 

Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv8Gb4LDmgiBSHHg3JCU31g

The video will come out tomorrow, and I hope that the video might bring some, who view this game's page into the game, and I hope the video gives the creator some feedback, which I will go over in the end of the video.


P.S., the game looks go right now

Hey there! Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely check your video out :) Hope you had a good time with the game!


This is so good!! I haven't even finished the demo but I'm already in love<3 I can't wait for the full release! How much will it cost?

Hey there :) Thank you for your comment & I'm happy you're having a great time with the demo. 

I'll announce the price once the release date is set for the game.


Great game, looking forward for next chapter! 


Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to share the full release soon :)


wish it was for mac as well

Happy to tell you that the next release will also be available for MacOS and Unix :) So please stick around for updates!


damn, i love games like this, with a 4th wall break that's not just recognizing the player exists but actually talks to them and immerses the player in the game

Happy you enjoyed it & thanks for the comment! :) 


This game is truly amazing so far and I can't wait to be able to buy it and witness all of its glory!! I love the visuals, storytelling aspect, plot, and the fighting dynamic that it has. It brings a new meaning to the pixel rpg genre and I love that it reminds me of the older rpg games that I used to love, like Aveyond!! Overall excited for the full release and cheering you on! <3


Wow thank you so much for your kind words! :) I'm happy that it made you nostalgic of older games in the genre because that was one of my sincere goals, to incorporate elements that I loved from the RPGs I grew up with. Thanks for sticking around!



I don't usually comment but this... this one is exception. Played the demo the same year it was out. Got amazed and excited. The story... The characters and visuals... so good. So far I can't point out anything I don't like about it. For it is still in development.

And since I am 4th wall breaking game genre fan, this surely will be on my must-play-through list.

Been waiting.. and I shall keep waiting until it's done! Keep it up.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a comment :) Happy you've been here since the first demo! I'll make sure the full release will be worth the wait!

(1 edit)

Where can we support you, do you have a Patreon or any other crowd funding links we can go to? other than the name our own price of course.

Thanks for asking! I haven't setup a Patreon but you can support me on BuyMeACoffee. I do post devlogs on there. 

What also always helps is spread the word 😊 Sharing the game on socials or recommending it to friends.


But–. For God's sake, I can't believe what I've just played... I regret I didn't play this before. I literally just created an account  to comment here. 
I don't know where to start, but I'm MAD with that cliffhanger at the end although I liked it! The story, characters, graphics, dialogues, the battle system, all, this is a masterpiece for me...
But well, I had the same problems as Thievish Kitten. In some parts the language  only appeared in German (eg. all the puzzle in the church) and there were parts where I could walk above things that I was not supposed to.
I have no experience in programming or translating long things (since it's like a hobby), but is incredible the desire that I have to want to make a Spanish version of this... This has to reach others sides, seriously. Was amazing... and so exciting to play!! Now I have to plan a 2nd round of the game to know where are the things I missed...
(And it's just a demo... I'm dazed, in a good way hahaha)


Hey there! Wow, I'm so flattered that you made an account just to comment :) Very happy you've enjoyed the game so much! 

If you want to work on a translation send me a short mail to numina.official@gmail.com so we can discuss the details. You don't need any programming knowledge :)

Thanks again for taking the time to write a comment, it really made my day!


You're welcome! ^^ And great! That's good to know hahaha. So I'll send you a mail. I'll be waiting for an answer!


Downloaded the game yesterday and still have't finished the demo after playing for 3 ours straight (how long is it anyway..?). The game is nice, especially graphics. It's not like I have much to compare with, but I was really surprised with amount of visual effects. Anyway, there still are some problems. For example, some places (such as Raph's house) seem too dark to me, and also the game crashes for some reason when I'm trying to escape a battle.
AND! I've already sent a message on gmail, but I'm not sure that you'll even see it, so... I'd like to translate the game to Russian. If you're interested, tell me, what's the best way to contact with you :)


The demo should be around 5 hours, happy you've enjoyed your time thus far! :) And sorry about the bugs & inconveniences they will be adressed in the upcoming release. 

As for translating the game feel free to reach out to numina.official@gmail.com

I'm not sure if it's okay to write something like that in the comments section, but you still haven't answered on mail. Probably my message got into the spam folder or something alike happened, so please check it out. 

(1 edit) (+2)

Please understand that I'm working on this in my freetime. So I have a bunch of other responsibilities apart from working on the game itself :)

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Just checking in on you, how is the game going? Is the game almost completed or something?


Hey thanks for checking in :) I just realized I haven't done a devlog in a while. Yes, I've finished working on one ending, and I'm in the midst of another two. Some of the endings are a bit longer so it does take quite a bit of effort, but it will be worth it :)


Game Looks Solid might try later tbh


Please do! Let me know how you liked it :)


I installed this game last year and played it briefly, but today I came back to it and finished it! There were so many moments where I actually felt tears in my eyes because I got so emotionally attached to the characters haha. The graphics, story, fight sequences, sound design, everything is just to die for. I'm seriously obsessed with this and I'm really looking forward to updates in the future. This story is really incredible.


Wow what a compliment! Thank you so much, I'm very happy that you connected to the story and the characters :) 


Gosh, I love this game :D Will there be any chapter 2? I'm waiting for it :> and also I ship Guardian Spirit x Shawn UvU hope there will be chapter 2 :>>

Thank you!! And yes there will! I'm working hard on it c: Please stick around for future updates.


Hello! Just finished playing the demo, there's a few parts in the game in English where it's still in German, I can only name one of them, the one at the cathedral where you push a button of some sort?

Either way, great game and looking forward to the finished game!

Glad you enjoyed the game :) 

The old translation system had some issues, thanks for pointing it out. I already planned on spending more testing time on also ensuring the english release is fully covered. 


First played the demo to this roughly a year ago, and let me tell you what, I havent been looking forward to a game releasing as much as I have for this one! <3

Aww thank you so much for the kind words :) I'm working hard to make the full release worth the wait! Please stick around for updates on it!



Working hard on it :) Can't state an exact date but I'm very far, working on the endings and polishing stuff.


I've been interested in rpg maker games, and this one got me so hyped up and it's just the demo, can't wait for the full game.

(Also when I was in Caelum I suddenly shrank and Sarah was having a stroke lol)

> (Also when I was in Caelum I suddenly shrank and Sarah was having a stroke lol)

Oh no :D that sounds kinda funny. Hopefully it didn't impact your game too much! Thank you so much for the comment & please stick around for updates on the full release!


When are you releasing the full game??? We are all looking forward to it! 

Working hard on it :) Can't state an exact date but I'm very far, working on the endings and polishing stuff.


Thank you for all your hard work. I want to be able to submit a donation when you have the final full game released on itch. Can you notify us through emails or comments when you do have it up on the itch website? Do not rush the game. Get it right. There is nothing more frustrating than when devs or game makers rush a game, or it has bugs. Also, I am not a fan of puzzles or overwhelming challenges, so this is something I wanted to mention before I do choose to buy it. Thank you for listening.

Yes, I will release it on here, so you should get a notification if you follow the game :) And don't worry, I'll take my time with the game to make sure it's worth the wait.


Hey, starlit. This game looks so pretty. I found this game while looking for an rpg/jrpg pixel art game to play.

I was wondering if it was okay to make some videos of this game on my YouTube channel? What about monetizing those videos?

I'd like to make the following:

  • first impression feedback/gametesting video of the demo
  • summary of feedback for other game devs making similar games in the form of likes and suggestions
  • first impression of game trailer
  • a lets play video series

Let me know what you think.

Hey there! That's very considerate of you to ask! Of course you can make videos about it and I'd be happy to watch them :) 

My only concern would be the trailer since it's quite old and I would do a new one, once the game releases haha 😅

But feel free to share your videos here, once they're done.

Thank you for permission. :)

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