August Development Update - Still going!

Hey everyone, 

I hope all of you are holding up in these weird times. I'm very grateful for your continued interest in Numina, all the comments and feedback I receive. Please be assured that I'm still working on the game, it might just take a lit longer than I planned earlier this year.

I'm currently working on the different endings of the game. This is the last big chunk of the game as I want to explore different possibilities where the story could lead based on some decisions you made through the game. After that early testing and translation can begin but it's still a lot to do.

Apart from that I've also released some of the tooling I use to create Numina. If you're a developer yourself and use RPG Maker MV you might want to check out MV-Finder. It's a tool that can search your entire game for items, weapons, armors, actors and more! 

Thank you all again :) Until the next update!

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Hello! A Spanish woman here, I just finished the demo after two days. It made me really short ... :( I have a suggestion for the possible endings of the game, since you let choose between male and female, I wish the characters could have romantic relationships with the player (us). I would like to know if it is possible, and with that said, if the relationship could look flirty throughout history. 

Thank you for your work!

Boy/Girl, you better give us/Guardian Spirit/Player some serious/good/non-joke default name, or I will be sad. ;(

Couldn*t you name yourself anyway?At least I named myself like I wanted. At least I remember I could do that. Or do you want to play with a default name? 

tbh, I'm bad at naming stuff! I always try to go for a meaningful name that represents something more than just say: "John" and "Jane" you know what I mean? xD

So I'm going like "Ok, we first heard in a temple looking all holy and stuff, so I guess I should go for some good old Christian related name?"

It's not to say that I COULDN'T just go "whatever" full self-insert and just add my name and dialogues that I prefer, it's just I prefer to play with established characters rather than self-insert, I guess? ;)

Or I'm just tring to form some-sort of "canon" path that I see in the game and haveing a default/canon name helps in this. ;P

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I’m super excited for the release! I’ve been following this game for 2-3 years and finally now entering college. When I was in high school I always wanted to donate because I loved your work, but I couldn’t since I had no job. 

Quick question, will this be released on Steam?

You’re doing great and I can’t wait to play the full version. (*´꒳`*)


I'm so happy to hear an update! Are those the new character portraits you were talking about? They look fantastic! By the way, will we have to pay for the full version? If so, what's the estimated price?

Please take you time with the endings and bug fixes! Their paramount!

Thank you so much! Yes these are the new portraits. And yes the full version won't be free. But I haven't settled on a price yet but don't expect full AAA prices :) 


Sweet I can't wait until the next update. Keep up the good work man!

Thank you! :)