May Dev Update - Music 🎼

Hey everyone, 

I hope you are doing good! I've been working steadily on Numina these past weeks, mostly on the endings. It's very hard doing multiple endings for a story, not sure I'll ever do it again haha 😁 But things are progressing well and I hope to soon go into the Alpha phase, where I only do polishing befor going into testing!

Hymn of the Harmonious Soul

But today I didn't just want to talk about progress. I also wanted to put some focus on a very important aspect of the game: It's soundtrack! Mainly composed by Thomas J. Peters who has been with me on this journey almost since the beginning of Numina. One of the most important pieces of any game is its title theme:

In my opinion it has the heavy burden of translating the game's "main feel" into a single piece of music. So when I talked to Tom about ideas for this piece he came up with this celebratory, beautiful hymn. I think even though there are many dark moments in the game the characters strive to come out better at the other end of it.

Boss Battle Time!!

The second piece I'd like to feature is one of the game's boss themes. You can listen to it on Soundcloud:

Originally I had an idea that the battle music would dynamically change according to some game mechanics. So Tom composed a bunch of variations of the original battle theme. But I wound up scrapping that mechanic so instead we used these as boss battle themes. Traditionally RPGs feature completely new tracks for special fights. But I thought it worked very well in this case since the pieces were more than just variations. They had a different feel and urgency to them.

Deep in the Forest...

Another track I really like is from the "Forest of Lost Memories". One of the last "dungeons" of the demo from 2017:

Once again Tom did a stellar job in catching the feel of that place. A lofty, dreamy and otherworldly forest engulfed in fogs. A place with a long-forgotten history. If you're into leitmotifs (like I am) you'll like this piece since it very fittingly features a theme from an important character, Naomi, whom you meet in the forest...

✨Closing Words & Bonus Track ✨

Tom definitely created the musical identity of Numina but the game features also music from other sources. As of lately I've been getting into creating music myself, but I wouldn't dare to compare me to Tom 😅

I wanted to work on a little, epic track you can listen to over at our Discord! It's from the last chapter of the game. What scene might this play to?

Once more I want to thank you for your interest in Numina! If you played the demo and enjoyed it feel free to leave a comment! I enjoy reading them all and make an effort to also respond 😊 Also check out Tom's website or follow him on Soundcloud.

Follow for updates on the upcoming release. Thanks for your support and see you soon!

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Oh man now I can't wait for the final release of the game. Take all the time you need to complete it, we will be waiting patiently

Then mere 10 seconds later we get several viruses and then Skynet takes over and...NO LOL JK


Haha let's hope not 😂