Numina Reaches ALPHA! Steam Wishlist & Dev Stream

Hello everyone, 

with this post I want to celebrate reaching a huge milestone with you: NUMINA finally reached Alpha status! What does this mean? All major story content has been finished and I'm now testing the game for any major roadblocks & polishing things up. Also:

⚠ You can now wishlist Numina on Steam! ⚠

The game will also be available on at the same time (release date TBE, see below). Even if you don't plan to buy the game on Steam, you can show your support by wishlisting it because it will allow me to gauge general interest & plan the next steps ahead.

What's next? After finishing my initial test (and hopefully removed any game-breaking bugs 🤞) Numina will reach the (German) Beta-phase: A bunch of lovely testers will play the German version while I'm translating roughly 80'000 words into English & doing bugfixing. After that comes another round of Betatesting for the English version to spot problems with the translation. Only then... Will we reach Gold status which means the game is ready to ship! 

As I want to ensure you all get a good experience on launch without many bugs, I want to make the testing phase as long as it needs to be. So there's no release date as of yet, although I'm aiming for late 2021.

Get a Sneak Peek on the upcoming Let's Play Stream!

Similar to the last DevStream we did I will be streaming the first chapter live on on the 8th of July, 8PM CEST

Let's play together, chat & pick the silliest player choices :D I'm actually moving flats and I'll stream on the last day my desk will be standing in my old room :'D

Join our lovely Community over at Discord!

If you want to chat with other lovely people and get some exclusive sneak peeks join the official Numina Discord

Updates to the Store Page

I will soon update Numina's page to include the new Screenshots & materials which reflect the full version's state. I refrained from this in the past because of the existing free demo from 2017 which doesn't have any character portrait art and I wanted to avoid wrong expectations.

You will still be able to download the 2017 demo but through a different link on the page itself - again to avoid confusion in the future.

Get Numina

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I actually wishlisted asap, even though i do not like RPG maker games that much, but the concept of serious 4th breaking is pretty much my favorite since i had played the most serious 4th wall breaking game i know(know quite some) Ar nosurge as the game actually had the best explanation i had ever read on why i am able to influence the games characters as they had used science topics regarding Quantum, Multidimensional beings/mechanics or Abilities.
Love such games.

Btw. in steam i saw that your game will have voiceacting, is that true?
Would be something i didnt expect tbh. as that would be kinda pricey in some cases. But that would increase my chance of buying of course.

I am keeping an eye on the game, keep up the good work.


Hey, thanks for leaving  a comment! Never heard of Ar nosurge before but what you describe sounds like a very interesting approach to the whole 4th wall breaking topic and I always had a soft spot for RPG's set in the modern era or the future.

Omg I missunderstood what "Full Audio" referred to. Thanks for pointing that out because the game won't have voice acting. 


congrats!! So psyched for this. :)

Thank you! ❤

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It’s so surreal… I’m so excited for the release!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and I’m happy that I’m at that point in life where I can support one of my favorite developers by buying the game, once it’s released. Again, thank you so much ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

> It’s so surreal

it is, right! I can't really believe it myself ;_; 

There's still a lot of work ahead of me. But I'm very grateful for your support thus far and all your comments on the devlogs - thanks for sticking around!