Numina - Chapter #2 Announcement

Hope - for a friend's life, but what if it proves to be false hope? The 2th chapter of Numina continues the dramatic events of the demo's finale: Destruction, loss and hope that things still turn to good, hence the title: "Hoffnung", the german word for "Hope".

I already finished and playtested a dungeon and a city from the chapter, but there's still a lot to finish  A new skill-learning system and other new battle and gameplay mechanics will be introduced during this chapter to spice things up! Look forward for future updates.

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how chapter 2 coming along 

Currently working on the final location of the chapter, which is a pretty big one. So there are still a lot of things to be done. But I'm making good progress :) I'll keep you guys updated!


So when is this going to be released?


It's still way too early to state a release date but I'll keep updating you all on the progress as much as possible! :)


Thank you. Keep up the good work!

Deleted post

Really looking forward to this! Good luck!