Small Update on the next Release!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted some progress on the game, but be assured: I'm still working on it and I'm actually doing a lot of progress! Currently I'm testing through the whole first and second chapter again, fixing the most jarring bugs and polishing up things. Afterwards there will be still some last things to finish on the 2nd chapter but then betatesting of the German version can begin.

In the meantime I'll have to start translating all the texts from the 2nd chapter before that can go into testing. I'll also release some more promotional material along the way c: I've had a wonderful call with Numina's composer and good friend Thomas J Peters with lots of behind the scene talk and insights which I'd love to share at some point.

Again thank you so much for your patience! I'm working hard to make it worth the wait!

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Hey, wouldn't it be more efficient to write everything in both languages at the same time instead of first writting everything in german then translating everything into english only once you are done with the german version?

Don't you think it is because you focus on german first that you miss to translate some things into english in the english version and you wouldn't miss anything if you would write everything in both languages at the same time?

How Many Chapter In This Game?


Awesome, glad to know this isn't dead. I love the whole Guardian Spirit thing. Have fun and hope to see and play the full version soon!

PS is there a canon name for the Guardian Spirit or is that a spoiler because you can custom name him or her and I was just wondering about that

Thanks for the comment! 

Well the guardian spirit basically is a placeholder for the player, so there is no official or canon name to it :) 

But there obviously is a bit more to the spirit hinted in the first chapter and even more in the upcoming release!