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RPG Maker Resource Manager

RMRM - RPG Maker Resource Manager is an utility for RPG Maker MV + MZ that cleans your project of unused resources (audio & image files). Similar to RPG Maker's internal "Remove Unused Files" functionality but with improved functionality that also searches for references in Javascript Plugins!

How it works

1. Select your project folder. Before scanning for unused files, you can define a list of folders to ignore: 

2. Start scanning! Depending on how big your project is and how many resources you have, this can take several minutes. For my personal project which is around 2 GB it took around 4 minutes with an SSD. You can view the progress during the operation:

3. Check the results. Before deleting anything, RMRM will display the results of the scan: A overview of all your resources with the following information

  • Are they used? And if so, by which files
  • How much % of the total project size does the resource take up

Plugin References. A huge advantage of RMRM is that unlike the built-in RPG Maker functionality, it also scans Javascript files in your project for references. You see in the below example that the file "battletut_qte.png" is possibly referenced in a script:

In the details panel, RMRM also lists the exact lines in which it found a possible match and highlights the matched text. 

Warning: You need some Javascript knowledge to know if it's actually safe to delete that reference:

  •  Sometimes scripts also just contain words in comments that match to a resource name, which would be safe to delete. 
  • Also RMRM won't detect any indirect references: E.g. how Orange's Overlay Plugin displays parallax files by using the map id without direct reference to the filename.

=> If you're unsure, don't delete the reference. I plan on improving it's scanning capabilities in this area in the future.

4. Clean up! Once you selected all the resources you want to delete, click on the "Delete Selected" button and RMRM cleans up all the selected files. Please make sure to backup your project beforehand!


Only for Windows! Requires .NET Framework 4.8 This comes with most current versions of Windows, otherwise get it here.

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GenreRole Playing
TagsJRPG, RPG Maker


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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I became interested in this tool.  Do you have a video showing it working?

Sorry not yet, but that's a good idea!


YESSSSSSSSSS you genius!

Would be great to have a feature where the files could be isolated into a folder rather than deleted.  Also, filenames using variables (example: 'train'+$gameVariables.value(1)) aren't recognized. For this reason, it would be very convenient to be able to shift-click to deselect en masse.


Oh that's a very good point! I'll note that down for a future update!

hi :) this tool scan a game project before deployment for game package ? after ?

Only before the deployment :)

ok thanks :) interesting tool :)


Awesome work!