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Hello! I'm french so I understand your game at... 85% but I've not finished the game. I'm blocked [SPOIL!!!] where there is Aura in the fog but when I'm front of the hill I can't use my grapple :/ please help me, because I REALLY like your game !!

I hope that I am the first french to have tested the game ^^ !!!

Good luck


Salut Syoick! I actually had french classes in school for 5 years but sadly, I forgot it all afterwards :D

That's actually a bug introduced by an update, sorry for the inconvenience. Please download the latest version of the game to resolve the issue!

any plans for a mac release?

Actually yes! :) It'll come with a major update of the game which is planned for early 2018. Keep an eye on the devlogs for future announcements.

(I'm playing the game from the desktop app) The auto-fullscreen setting doesn't work: it's bugged, even with a gamesave. One time, though, without a gamesave, the auto-fullscreen setting was on, but it didn't fullscreen but when I closed and reopened it, it fullscreened regardless of setting it to off, even with a gamesave. Just from the intro alone, this game has me hooked, but this auto-fullscreen bug is getting in the way of enjoying the game.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Try toggling fullscreen manually by pressing ALT+ENTER as a workaround. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game!


Thank you for the workaround: it worked. I really hope you find the source of the fullscreen bug. When I made that post, though, it was after the new update was released, so maybe a fullscreen setting bug happened. I'll reinstall the game to see if that'll resolve anything.

There are various issues like that with the (admittedly dated) engine of the game, which are sadly also not reproducible on all systems. But let me know if the reinstall resolved the issue. Thank you very much!

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Reinstalling did resolve the issue. But, I think the actual issue was that saving the game after changing the auto-fullscreen setting caused it to bug out: If that's a problem that can be patched out, great! Also, since I reinstalled the game from the desktop app, now whenever I click on "check for update", there's no acknowledgement that an update check was made. I think that has more to do with the app itself than the game's installation. So, I'll try as clean a reinstall as possible to see if that resolves this newfound issue. UPDATE: I can't uninstall the game from the desktop app. So if any updates come in, I might not receive them. Sorry if I'm causing so many problems for you.

No worries! It's good that the bugs get found :) I'm currently not familiar with the desktop app but you can just delete the game's directory to uninstall it. 

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Hey Man, just got back to this. Hope you finish the game soon! Looking forward to it! Cheers! and Goodluck!

Thank you! :)


Really cool game, I really like the idea of being a disembodied voice that can talk to the main charcter. The attacking system with timing spices up the fights and makes the characters much more unique. I've only played for a bit but it's very enjoyable so far.

I do have to say that there was a place that hadn't been translated near the start that said "Hier geht es nicht zum Wolkentempel."

There was also a bug I found in the forest where you first pass the gate into town, if you try to go back to the forest the game will give you an error message and crash.

That is also the furthest I've been in this game at the point of making this comment.

Thank you very much for your feedback! :) I hope you didn't loose too much progress because of the bug. I'll fix that as soon as possible.


No I'm the perfectionist type so I save frequently so don't worry about that, just to be clear, there were no other bugs I found up to that point.

There was however something minor I forgot to mention in my previous comment, the sword you get through the secret pathway before talking to the girl with the pink hair, once you actually pick up the sword, you can't interact with it but the sprite stays there.

That was all I found :)


i can t uninstall your game 

Just delete the directory, there's no installer needed :D


I looooooooooooooooved it!! Thank you so much for creating this!! The story, graphics, music, combat system, character designs -- theyre all so beautiful and captivating.  I really liked how the players were involved, in having to make choices and being able to play a 'minigame' in the combat system! 
Some minor things you might want to know:
There were some interactions that havent been translated into English. (mostly the interactions in the church at Caelum, and some at the Academy in Caelum (the statues x) ))
Also, in my opinion, I feel like the trailer could have included some of the interesting storyline in the game. Im sure including some snippets of the story would make the game even more attractive to others :))
Thank you once more for all the hard work and effort!! <3

Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy that you felt the impact of the choices :) I'll try to fix all the missing translations and I'll definitely work on a new trailer for the next release, I'm not that happy about the latest one myself :D

Thanks again!


Congrats on the game! It is just GREAT. It's been a very long that I don't play an RPG that good and which would make me play for straight hours, get tense, laugh and trying to guess what would happen after. :) Battle system is amazing (I love turn-based systems!), story seems great, characters have good personality and I just can't wait for the rest of it! Thank you very much for bringing it to English! In case you want to bring it into PT-BR let's talk!

Also, I would like to report a missing translation: Image (text in German)

But maybe you're aware of this one. ^^' Cheers and SMASH THE 4TH WALL! <3


That's so nice & motivating to hear, thank you :) Glad you enjoyed the game! And sure, I'd love to bring the game to as many languages as possible. Hit me up under contact(at)

And thanks for pointing out the missing translation! :)


I sure did! Looking forward to hear news and updates here.

E-mail sent. :) I'm happy to hear you are interested!


THE BEST RPG i have played in a long, long time. Love how there was always a choice for the better or the worse. Can't wait to see how the Story goes one, i am in a deep hole right know because i was so engaged with your story!

Thank you so much for the great praise! :) It makes me very happy hearing that people can connect with the game's story and characters. I can't wait to share the upcoming chapters with everyone!

Deleted post

Wow thank you so much for your kind words! :) I'm happy that you liked it and hope you're around for the upcoming chapters!


For me, I like the story and the battle system got me engaged instead of button mashing like a zombie.

There were few texts that were in foreign language. Wished the inspect skill shows how down the enemy's heatlh bar was.

I only did one play-through, so I was wondering would the story drastically changed if I don't help a few characters? Or some choices that can possibly prevent a certain character's death?

Otherwise, great game. Looking forward to ch 2! 

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Hey thank you for your honest feedback! :) I'm planning on integrating an ability to inspect an enemy's HP-bar for a future release. 

Regarding the choices: Most of them affect your relationship towards other characters which has an impact on their special abilities and end-game story routes. But there aren't any drastic story branches within chapter 1.


This games sounds amazing. You HAVE to make more like these, hope it isn't to hard though :P

Thanks so much! :) I only finished the first chapter of Numina, which is the demo you can download on here and I'm currently working on the remaining chapters so there definitely will be more to come!



As someone who hates boss battles, how easy is easy mode? I like games to be a relaxing experience so sure hope this isn't a hard game :/

Easymode drops off 10% on all enemy-stats so battles should be easier. But I tried to design all the battles so, that no grinding should be needed :) At least not in normal and easy mode. Otherwise please let me know, if you find that the easy mode doesn't meet your expectations!

Some questions if you don't mind :-).

I sorta skipped the part where they tell hw to use grappling hooks and items, mind telling me so? :)

Also, what does it mean when I attack and it says "Too early" or "Too late", how do I avoid?

I like the game so far, good job! :P

Glad you like it! :) The grappling hook can be used at specific spots where a white "!"-icon popps up. You have to press Q on your keyboard and select the grappling-hook from the menu to activate it. I have to admit it's a bit convoluted, but I'm working on a simpler solution for a future update :)

Have you set the "Battle Tutorial" option to ON? You should have gotten a tutorial on the action commands. Basically you have to hit enter as soon as the two circles overlap. Hope this helps!


This game looks amazing! I've heard so many good things about it! I can't wait to download it!

Heystarlit, so i got past the guards, but there's another problem. I don't know where to go after that. That forest is so big! I was gonna record the eighth episode today (21/08/2017) but that got in the way. Can you help me again? Thanks! Oh, and sorry to bother you.

After escaping the house, you'll have to exit the first map to the north across the river. From there always head north and you should be fine :) And don't apologize, I'm happy to help!

I am wondering... Are you actually supposed to get past that Crystalite boss? Because I can't defeat that thing no matter how long I hack at it  because it just keeps healing itself. 

Yes :) Keep an eye on the surrounding crystals, some of them blink before healing/buffing up the main boss. You gotta take care of them before going at the boss (you can actually attack them).

Thanks! :D

Hello starlit! I wanted to ask if you could help me with something in the game. You see, if you go and watch my video at the end i got stuck at the part where you escape from the guards. Can you help me with that? Thank you!

Hey there! Glad you're still playing the game :) You actually need to go to the far left of the screen to the well and then continue to the far right on the lower side of the map. Wait for the guards to be busy as you pass them by. Hope this helps!

Thank you! Appreciate it!


Looks really cool, and love the art style. I'll have to download this and check it out!

Let me know what you think!


Hey man, awesome game you got here. I just started playin and im loving all of it, the music, the graphics, and the story. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the game :)


I've noted that when you finish the part where you are meeting an informant with Masame and return to get Sarah and go save Cassandra, one of Vincent's text boxes is entirely in German. I also remember that there are several other parts of the game with some German language instead of English, but I can't remember all of them. Vincent's text box is probably the biggest issue of them all for people who don't speak German since they don't know what he says.

Hey there! Thanks for pointing that out, I'll make sure to fix it :)

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Made the seventh part, dang this is one long game! Sorry it took me so long to come back :(

Hope you enjoy nonetheless! Bye!

P.S. : I'm having trouble passing that sneaking part in the end. How to do it?

Is chapter 1 fully made then cuz when somthing is called a demo.. it's just demo not a full game or chapter of a game. 

It's the full chapter :) I can see that people have different definitions of the term "demo" but I wanted to make sure that people know that it's not the full game.

This is absolutely phenomenal; easily the best RPG maker game I've ever played. That's saying quite a bit because I hated XP,  mostly because of the character sprites, but I love this game. There are a few grammar and spelling errors, and one or two awkward scene errors when the 'wait' counter should be a little short or longer. Honestly though, really amazing work!

Also I'm stuck on the part where you have to sneak by the guards, I can't seem to find anywhere to sneak by where they won't catch you.


Hey, thanks so much for your kind words! I'm happy that you enjoyed the game. 

You have to make your way to the far left where the well is located and then continue on the lower half of the screen towards the right. All the guards have certain timespans, where they're distracted and won't see you unless you get too close to them. So make sure to keep your distance and observe their behaviour. I hope this helps, otherwise feel free to ask! :)


I've been playing this for awhile and It's great! Haven't reached the end yet, but I'm glad that the demo isn't over because I'm really enjoying it!

Thank you very much! Happy to hear that you're enjoying it :)


Made a sixth part!

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

I was playing and ended up getting stuck, I'm in shimmering hallows, in the room after the wind room (where you have to listen to the audio to find the way) and there are crystals making it impossible to proceed to the bridge to continue.

Each crystal wall has a distinct color which correlates to a smaller, blinking crystal with the same color. Find that crystal within the same room and press Enter to interact with it. Hope this helps!


I really liked it

Thank you!


Made a fifth part!

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Thanks so much! Hope you had a great time - I need to catch up on the latest two parts :)

Sure man! Look, i wanna ask how to do the bridges puzzle i guess, i don't know if you made it to be a puzzle, but yeah how do you get through it?

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Activate the switches in the order depicted on here:


Okay, thanks man!

I'm really enjoying the game so far! I find the story and battle system engaging. I also really like the 4th wall breaking concept. I've made into the Caelum Sewers so far in the story. Not sure how much of the demo I have left, but I'm be excited to see where it goes!

I did notice one funny thing. It doesn't seem like the characters' stats and equipment are factoring into their attacks. My characters are all Level 12 and I've upgraded their equipment, but I noticed that they still do the same damage. I went back to the Shimmering Hollows and played through the prologue again just to  be sure. I also tried unequipping eveyone's weapons. Instead, the damage seemed to be tied to their attack type. For example, Sword Thrust always seems to do 8 damage (16 critical) regardless of the characters' level or weapon. I wasn't sure if this is intentional as a part of balancing, since the enemies' HP aren't that high to begin with, but I wanted to point it out just in case it wasn't.

Otherwise, I think it's a great game and I really hope you'll be able to put out a finished version in the future! Thanks for putting the time and effort into making this!

Hey there! Thank you so much for your thorough feedback :) This sounds like I didn't factor in Stat-Scaling on the skills, I'll definitely look into it, thanks for bringing it up! 

Am I allowed to make suggestions for the game?

Sure! :) I'm always happy about feedback.

Was this made in VX Ace?

Actually, it was made in RPG Maker XP :)

Neat. Though I thought it was in VX Ace. Cause I was wondering if you wanted to port it over to there. Though I think a remake is in mind if possible.

Yeah, I definitely thought about that but I'm kinda scared of all the effort it would take to port the project over to other engines. Especially with the map-editor from RMXP being so different than the newer ones.

I wouldn't really know hehe. I only have VX Ace and MV. So why not do it for VX Ace first, then I can port it over, and we'll see how it goes ok? Can't hurt to try that right?

Or we could just go straight into it with MV? Your call ok?

So what do you think should happen?

What sounds good to do?

Hey! Thanks for your generous offer to help :) but I'd have to port all the scripts etc. from Ruby to JS which would involve a lot of effort, especially since the underlying script base surely changed. And that's just one concern.  

What was this made in?


I'm liking this very much! My only issue is audio errors with the music. it seems to be broken and glitchy, but apart from that, I'm really enjoying the game!

Fourth part done! I'm still enjoying this game!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

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This one hour long third episode was fun to do! Hopefully you can watch the whole video, i got a lot of stuff done, and i just wanna say again how i love this game! That fourth wall breaks was hilarious to be honest. I also now have Sarah on my team, she's very cool!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

For some reason, the updated game couldn't work, every time i press a button it closes on its own, so i'm just gonna continue it with the regular version. And don't annoy yourself by telling me how to fix it, it's completely fine. Anyway, bye!

Oh no, sorry about that :( Would you mind telling me which Windows version you're using?


I told you not to bother try to get me to fix it, it's completely fine. Don't worry.

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The GOLD UPDATE for Numina's demo is here! You can get it in the Downloads-section & use your existing saves!

Here are some of the included improvements & fixes:

  • The game can now be played without the need to install it!
  • Option to pick the game's language on the first launch.
  • Additional puzzle in the "Shimmering Hollows" with a clue for the dungeon's boss- Additional puzzle in the "Forset of Lost Memories"
  • New "Preemptive Attack" gameplay feature when suprising enemies from behind!
  • Enhanced "Inspect"-Skill with insights to elemental strengths & weaknesses of enemies
  • General battle rebalancing
  • Repacing of some early story parts & dialogue reworks
  • Added missing english translations

Just made the second part, it's longer than the first part, about 40 minutes. Anyway, i made them funny remarks you like, but Aura's death really got to me, and they say games can't effect you emotionally, i am right ? So i though i'll finish it in two parts but i was wrong, so i'll make that third part and hopefully that's it. Again, a very cool, nice game to play.

Without further ado, my video :

Enjoy! Bye!

Thanks! I find your videos to be very valuable feedback :) It really got me thinking about the dialogue & gameplay balance of the game - and sorry about the lagging in some parts. If you're not that far into the demo you should check out the update I just released! It fixes a few translation errors & bugs. And you can just copy your old save files and insert them into the "bin"-Folder of the downloaded game.

Oh, an update you say, okay cool, but i think i got pretty far in the demo. How does about 70 minutes gameplay sounds ? is that pretty far ? anyway, i'm really glad you enjoy my videos, it means the world to me. Anyway, when you tell me if i got pretty far in the demo or not, i will decide whether i'll get the update or not, cool ? Bye!

The average playtime is about 5h, so I suggest playing the remaining content in the newer version. Looking forward to your next vid!

Alright then! Thank you!

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OMG I love it. The story and concept is beautful never before seen by me. So pumped for the full game. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! :)


Just made a first part of a let's play for this game, it's half an hour long, so sit back and enjoy the show! I can say that this game will be great when it gets fully released! Hope you finish it soon!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!


Hey there! Thanks for Let's Playing Numina AND sharing it here! I had a lot of fun watching with your funny remarks :) I also found it interesting how you weren't sure which characters from the intro were the real "bad guys", never saw it as ambigious as it actually is. Thanks again & have a good one!

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Thanks man for the nice reply, really though, i was just being me, i'm quite sarcastic and/or joking type of guy, and about the intro characters, i really was confused, like you get in a game with no introduction to anyone or anything, of course you're gonna be confused, it's kinda of clear in my head now after thinking about it for a bit. Anyway, thanks again for the really nice reply, i'll come back with part 2 and even funnier remarks, haha, right now got other games to play, but i still will finish Numina. Goodbye!

Also note : that's not how "ambiguous" is spelled...

Looking forward to it! And damn, that word always gets me :D

Waiting for an English release of the game. :<

The DL actually contains a dual-language version of the game! Did it start in German for you?

Yes it did ;n; I don't know what to do to fix it.

As a workaround: When starting up the game, select the first option "Neues Spiel", then select "Sprache" and then choose "English", should be the second option.

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