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I've been playing this for awhile and It's great! Haven't reached the end yet, but I'm glad that the demo isn't over because I'm really enjoying it!

Thank you very much! Happy to hear that you're enjoying it :)


Made a sixth part!

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

I was playing and ended up getting stuck, I'm in shimmering hallows, in the room after the wind room (where you have to listen to the audio to find the way) and there are crystals making it impossible to proceed to the bridge to continue.

Each crystal wall has a distinct color which correlates to a smaller, blinking crystal with the same color. Find that crystal within the same room and press Enter to interact with it. Hope this helps!


I really liked it

Thank you!


Made a fifth part!

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Thanks so much! Hope you had a great time - I need to catch up on the latest two parts :)

Sure man! Look, i wanna ask how to do the bridges puzzle i guess, i don't know if you made it to be a puzzle, but yeah how do you get through it?

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Activate the switches in the order depicted on here:


Okay, thanks man!

I'm really enjoying the game so far! I find the story and battle system engaging. I also really like the 4th wall breaking concept. I've made into the Caelum Sewers so far in the story. Not sure how much of the demo I have left, but I'm be excited to see where it goes!

I did notice one funny thing. It doesn't seem like the characters' stats and equipment are factoring into their attacks. My characters are all Level 12 and I've upgraded their equipment, but I noticed that they still do the same damage. I went back to the Shimmering Hollows and played through the prologue again just to  be sure. I also tried unequipping eveyone's weapons. Instead, the damage seemed to be tied to their attack type. For example, Sword Thrust always seems to do 8 damage (16 critical) regardless of the characters' level or weapon. I wasn't sure if this is intentional as a part of balancing, since the enemies' HP aren't that high to begin with, but I wanted to point it out just in case it wasn't.

Otherwise, I think it's a great game and I really hope you'll be able to put out a finished version in the future! Thanks for putting the time and effort into making this!

Hey there! Thank you so much for your thorough feedback :) This sounds like I didn't factor in Stat-Scaling on the skills, I'll definitely look into it, thanks for bringing it up! 

Am I allowed to make suggestions for the game?

Sure! :) I'm always happy about feedback.

Was this made in VX Ace?

Actually, it was made in RPG Maker XP :)

Neat. Though I thought it was in VX Ace. Cause I was wondering if you wanted to port it over to there. Though I think a remake is in mind if possible.

Yeah, I definitely thought about that but I'm kinda scared of all the effort it would take to port the project over to other engines. Especially with the map-editor from RMXP being so different than the newer ones.

I wouldn't really know hehe. I only have VX Ace and MV. So why not do it for VX Ace first, then I can port it over, and we'll see how it goes ok? Can't hurt to try that right?

Or we could just go straight into it with MV? Your call ok?

So what do you think should happen?

What sounds good to do?

Hey! Thanks for your generous offer to help :) but I'd have to port all the scripts etc. from Ruby to JS which would involve a lot of effort, especially since the underlying script base surely changed. And that's just one concern.  

I see. Well go ahead and think about it. And you can just do it for VX Ace, thne I would port it over to MV and scale everything up.

What was this made in?


I'm liking this very much! My only issue is audio errors with the music. it seems to be broken and glitchy, but apart from that, I'm really enjoying the game!

Fourth part done! I'm still enjoying this game!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

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This one hour long third episode was fun to do! Hopefully you can watch the whole video, i got a lot of stuff done, and i just wanna say again how i love this game! That fourth wall breaks was hilarious to be honest. I also now have Sarah on my team, she's very cool!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

For some reason, the updated game couldn't work, every time i press a button it closes on its own, so i'm just gonna continue it with the regular version. And don't annoy yourself by telling me how to fix it, it's completely fine. Anyway, bye!

Oh no, sorry about that :( Would you mind telling me which Windows version you're using?


I told you not to bother try to get me to fix it, it's completely fine. Don't worry.

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The GOLD UPDATE for Numina's demo is here! You can get it in the Downloads-section & use your existing saves!

Here are some of the included improvements & fixes:

  • The game can now be played without the need to install it!
  • Option to pick the game's language on the first launch.
  • Additional puzzle in the "Shimmering Hollows" with a clue for the dungeon's boss- Additional puzzle in the "Forset of Lost Memories"
  • New "Preemptive Attack" gameplay feature when suprising enemies from behind!
  • Enhanced "Inspect"-Skill with insights to elemental strengths & weaknesses of enemies
  • General battle rebalancing
  • Repacing of some early story parts & dialogue reworks
  • Added missing english translations

Just made the second part, it's longer than the first part, about 40 minutes. Anyway, i made them funny remarks you like, but Aura's death really got to me, and they say games can't effect you emotionally, i am right ? So i though i'll finish it in two parts but i was wrong, so i'll make that third part and hopefully that's it. Again, a very cool, nice game to play.

Without further ado, my video :

Enjoy! Bye!

Thanks! I find your videos to be very valuable feedback :) It really got me thinking about the dialogue & gameplay balance of the game - and sorry about the lagging in some parts. If you're not that far into the demo you should check out the update I just released! It fixes a few translation errors & bugs. And you can just copy your old save files and insert them into the "bin"-Folder of the downloaded game.

Oh, an update you say, okay cool, but i think i got pretty far in the demo. How does about 70 minutes gameplay sounds ? is that pretty far ? anyway, i'm really glad you enjoy my videos, it means the world to me. Anyway, when you tell me if i got pretty far in the demo or not, i will decide whether i'll get the update or not, cool ? Bye!

The average playtime is about 5h, so I suggest playing the remaining content in the newer version. Looking forward to your next vid!

Alright then! Thank you!

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OMG I love it. The story and concept is beautful never before seen by me. So pumped for the full game. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! :)


Just made a first part of a let's play for this game, it's half an hour long, so sit back and enjoy the show! I can say that this game will be great when it gets fully released! Hope you finish it soon!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!


Hey there! Thanks for Let's Playing Numina AND sharing it here! I had a lot of fun watching with your funny remarks :) I also found it interesting how you weren't sure which characters from the intro were the real "bad guys", never saw it as ambigious as it actually is. Thanks again & have a good one!

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Thanks man for the nice reply, really though, i was just being me, i'm quite sarcastic and/or joking type of guy, and about the intro characters, i really was confused, like you get in a game with no introduction to anyone or anything, of course you're gonna be confused, it's kinda of clear in my head now after thinking about it for a bit. Anyway, thanks again for the really nice reply, i'll come back with part 2 and even funnier remarks, haha, right now got other games to play, but i still will finish Numina. Goodbye!

Also note : that's not how "ambiguous" is spelled...

Looking forward to it! And damn, that word always gets me :D

Waiting for an English release of the game. :<

The DL actually contains a dual-language version of the game! Did it start in German for you?

Yes it did ;n; I don't know what to do to fix it.

As a workaround: When starting up the game, select the first option "Neues Spiel", then select "Sprache" and then choose "English", should be the second option.