October Dev Update - Ending Things

Hello everyone,

hope all of you are doing good! The time has come again for me to share some update on the game's progress with you. I'm currently working on the endings of the game!

It's weird finally being at this step after almost 10 years of on/off development on Numina in its different iterations. On the other hand I'm also very concerned with making sure every ending feels like a meaningful end to the story. Which is very challenging especially because there are also some endings that take a bit of a dark turn.

The ending you get is influenced by Shawn's relationship to the player, his relationship to other characters and decisions you made during the game. 

Currently there are five different endings planned, with smaller variations in them. Each of them is like another smaller chapter of the game with its own name and some smaller playable content. You can imagine the workload ahead of me 😅Currently I've finished 2 of the 5 so there's still a lot to go.

On another note: I worked on a small gamejam project for a retro gameboy inspired jam. It's called  Pelican Quest a short ode to the classic top-down adventure Zelda-games. It's free and you can play it right in your browser https://starlit.itch.io/pelican-quest

Thank you all again :) Until the next update!

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I'm ready to tell everyone to buy it, lol.

The demo is one of my favorite rm-games, and (outside of the glitches) feels professional and polished.

God bless you!


Thank you so much :) 


Can't wait!


You’ve done so much and I’m so excited for the finished product! Just from the demo it showed me so much quality and I really have no other words to say except for me being excited!

Thank you!! Hope the full version won't disappoint :)


OH MY GOD from the title alone I actually thought you were literally ending things aka game cancelled XD. But I'm glad that isn't the case, can't wait until this game is completed at last!


Yeah sorry for the clickbaity-title :D You gotta grab attention these days.


An Update yes!

But. I just need to know. Because I am the kind of person that needs it.

Is there a "True" Ending? Oh, and is there any new game+ benefits? like stats going back or something. Just wanted to know. 

Do you think you'll be able to finish it this year? Or maybe around next year?

And, since you said it would be paid,  do you have a rough idea on how much you might price it? I'm from the Philippines you see, so even a game as low as $5 would cost me P242 over here. Hell, $12 is already half a thousand in our country, so I need to save up. 

Hope to see what you'll cook up at the end of your development.


Hey there, greetings to the Philippines!

The question if the game will have one "true" ending is really hard. I guess I'll personally have a favorite ending and some of the endings will be a bit more elaborate than others. But I hope that they'll turn out in a way that everyone is happy with what they're getting.

I can't say for sure in regards to the timeline. I think it'll be very hard getting it done this year since there'll be a lot of testing involved to ensure quality. Also can't say much about the price yet. But it definitely won't be AAA prices. 

Thank you for the comment :)