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I finished the demo the game is very good I enjoyed it very much and hope that it inspires other people to play and join. I already recommended the game to other people over the net. There are a few bugs in it but if I may make a suggestion with one or two things. Your item menu if you can place a auto arrange or re arrange option. ( also one of your items has a blank name that needs tweaking.) Thanks for the entertaining experience and I hope you develop even more games like this. ☺


Hey there! Thank you very much for the recommondations and the feedback! :) I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and I'll take your suggestions to heart with the reworked menu for the next release. I'm working on the 2nd chapter of Numina, so there definitely be more :)


Thanks for the feed back starlit that sounds wonderful I can't wait to test your next release. I'll try to provide any healthy  suggestions or helpful advice if I believe it may provide you with more additional help. :) I really did enjoy it hope you keep up the great work. 

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It won't seem to be able to launch the game.

Does it just open up a black window, or nothing at all? Do you see any error messages?


hey starlit and i just wanna say i love numina it the best game ever and i hope you make games more like this one and in the future from ilow

p.s good luck and love you :3


Thank you so much! c:

Hello there! I really enjoyed your games ^ ^

I would like to make a Vienamese translate! :p


Hey there! Thanks for reaching out, I'll send you a mail asap :)


Hey buddy i wanted to do a lets play  youtube video of your game. if your okey with it can you pls write me a email at  . i am still small but i liked your game :D

Of course you can LP the game, thanks for asking though :) Feel free to share the link! I'll definitely watch it.

Was this created with RPGMaker series or Visual Studio? Has some nice graphic effects.

Thank you! It was created with RPG Maker XP


Interesting! Didn't know RPGMaker was capable of such effects. Was it the VX:Ace edition or the most recent one?

The demo was with Rpg Maker XP(!) But I'm working with the latest one for the upcoming release.


XP is such a classic! I remember it during 2000 but it was with a shrink-type game where all the girls were giantess

Thank you! It was created with RPG Maker XP

Do you have a full game I can purchase? Or is it just a demo? :)

I'm working on the full game, currently there's only the demo, sorry!


Thanks I can't wait for the full game, do you know the estimated price? :)


I'm in love with this game, I'm glad you put so much of your time and effort to make this game. I'm completely entranced by the story and how you play as the main character and that you also interact with him. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT IT TO BE SPOILED!!! It's also heartbreaking. The death of Aura made me cry. Is so sad. There are the funny characters, too! Like the old man with the relationship thingamaob who just takes your money. But, all in all. I'm glad I found this game. I love it and can't wait to see the finished product <33 Love you creator c: Also, I wanted to choose German as the language to play in, but unfortunately I can't read it because my school wouldn't let me take German. Apparently, there was only one class for the first level. I could've been in third level German by now. >:c  

Aww thank you so much for taking the time to write this! c: It makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed the game so much. I'm working hard to make sure the rest of the game will get even better than the first chapter.

Apart from that I can only recommend Duolingo for learning languages. But I guess it takes a bit more self-discipline than taking a class:


Its a real catching story, i needed to leave tear for the death of Aura on the beginning.

It was so sad, i want a hug :c

Here, have a virtual hug c: Happy to hear you connected to the story!


Thank you for the vitual hug, still didn't help. :c

there a problem every time i play fight scene it get me out the game can you help me :(

it with bandits

In the cave or where exactly in the game are you?

with the bandits every time i play it stop the game it didn't work  when i  i restart game but still it didn't work

and i when i tried to save the kid best friend

I'm not exactly sure where you are. You can send me a savegame to contact(at) and I'll try to figure out your problem.

love the demo so far, but i'm stuck on one area (i just added the new girl after the sisters death and came down from the mountain)

Have you been back to the village yet?

yeah or at least i think so


nevermind i finally found out what i was supposed to do

Awesome! Don't hesitate to ask again, if you need any help :)


thanks i will

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Deleted post

Wow, that's so cool that you're able to practice your German with the game! Wünsche dir weiter viel Erfolg mit dem Lernen! :)

Thanks for pointing out the bugs, I'll try to fix them for the next update. The Ecclesia is in the western part of Caelum, head to the place with the little fountain on the upper half of the map and go up to the stairs to the next area. It's the big church-like building  :)

Deleted post

As everyone has already said, this is so well done! I had to stop playing for now because I have other stuff to deal with so the ability to save any time is also a major bonus. If I had to suggest something though, it would be to add a built in brightness option in-game. Because my screen is already at the max brightness and I still can't see the logo that's supposed to be barely visible.

Other than that, this is some top quality game right here 👍


Thank you for your feedback! Yeah I thought letting the player be able to save anytime would benefit a story-driven game. I'll definitely look into extending the brightness settings :)


This was so good! 

I really like how the context and the things that happen during the story kinda make you feel like you're trapped. The whole "we're pursued by this powerful group and aren't really safe anywhere" +  the different scenes when you are actually trapped (in the forest with Aziel and his troops, when you meet the Rebels near the shrine, when you fall into Aziel's trap...) and feel like you can't escape (because you're literally surrounded by enemies), it was really great. 

Another thing that left a strong eimpression on me was everything that happened with Aura. I have sisters, of course I relate. And the fact that you aren't even able to bring back her body is really a hard blow, good job on that. I felt really bad for the whole first part of the game. 

And the very last part of the demo, when you finally understand how the first thing is linked to the rest, but that only brings more questions... (+ Aura coming back to stab my poor heart) It was great as well, it really hit me.

Sorry, my comment is kind of a mess, I've just finished the demo (its was a really long demo, that surprised me) and I'm still thinking about it (and english isn't my first language). But really, it was great, and I'm definitely going to buy and play the whole game when it comes out! Thank you for this really cool game and keep up the good work!


Wow, don't worry about your comment being a mess, I just read it and it totally made my day :D I'm happy the game and it's characters connected in that way to you - I also have a sister and I totally get were that emotional response comes from, so it's always interesting to hear how these things resonate with different players.

Thank you for taking the time to comment! I hope you stick around for future updates :)

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I absolutely loved your game. The story is very interesting and it's very cool how I can talk to my own character. I do have a few tips and glitches found.


First of all with the train rail puzzle there is a cave with a chest, you can open the chest and get an item but the name of the item is a code and it shows a blank in your item screen. 

There was also some German text at the Prosophina (Is that how you write her name?) church her altar. after you talked to masame and then went into the church.


There are a lot of times where you just have to wait for nothing. Like the screen stands still to build up tension probably but that takes to long and actually has the oppisite effect. I also didn't get to know Raphael and Sarah that much even though their characters were very interesting. And an explanation on who Haily is would've been nice as well.

Things I did like:

I loved how I could talk to shawn. The battles were also very fun. It may be a bit hard for people but that's why we have easy mode right ;). It's also very cool how many quest and secrets you implented (Although I could only do 1 or something because i was too invested in the story)

Very good game overall and I'd give it a 8/10. I hope more will come soon. Is there anyway I can get a notification for new content?

P.s. Sorry for my grammer English isn't my first language.


Thank you so much for your detailed feedback on how you liked the story! I'll try to fix the glitches & missing translations ASAP :) A few people have mentioned the waiting times in certain scenes. In some occasions the game actually loads stuff in the background, but these few spots will get better in the next release.

You can subscribe to the game here on, I'll post a devlog when a content update comes around. I'm generally in the midst of setting a few things up on the homepage, but for now you can keep an eye on the page here :)


okay I will. Guess I'll be anxiously waiting now. Keep up the good work.

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One of the few games that made me look forward to playing it again.

Great story overall, interesting mechanics, but the mainest main characters need a bit more screen time. I know that this is just a demo but I feel like Raphael was just... there. I just didn't feel much with him as a character and once even forgot that I'm supposed to be saving him. Needs  more emphasis on writing the other characters, but the main plotline is still great, and I would definitely recommend this game to others. (I kinda did)

9/10 - beat my expectations

PS: I tried to make this review objective, but I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this GAME!!!!!!!! Looking forward to new releases!!!

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Hey there! Thank you so much for your honest feedback, I really do appreciate it :) I think about the characters and how to present them and their motivations a lot. I guess it's one of the hardest things to master in storytelling to create believable characters. 

Raphael's struggle shifts way more into focus in the upcoming 2nd chapter but I've already implemented some revised parts for the earlier sections of the game (not released yet) to make the whole quest feel more urgent. 

Again thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I hope you stick around for the next chapter!

Hey! I just wanted to say, I love the game and I'm playing it way to much trying to find things I've missed, but I thought I should let you know that some of the text is still in German. I just figured you would want to know. Bye!

Hey, thank you for the feedback! Damn, I thought I catched all of them. You don't have a list of all the untranslated lines per chance? :D

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It's when you try to leave the village without talking to Shawn's dad, and at the alter in the last few minutes of the game, when you're looking for a switch. But there may be more.

Thanks! :)


hi starlit i know you are working hard on things but thank for everything you are pretty amazing developer just want let you know we all love this keep working hard love you 

p.s thank you make this game and good luck starlit 

love ilow :3

Hey ilow! Thank you so much for the nice and motivating words, this made my morning a 1000 times more enjoyable today :D I'll give my best to deilver a great game to all of you!

when is the chapter 2 gonna be released :( this is taking even longer than for miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir episodes to come out and trust me its like 1-2 months between episodes. people are killing me i cant stand all the cliff hangers

Hey there, I know how you feel! I totally get that waiting for a cliffhanger to be resolved sucks, but this is a one-man show and story-driven RPGs like this generally take a lot of time and effort to be made. So please understand that I need to take the time I need to deliver all of you a good and entertaining experience :)

wish we can help you so you can be done sooner

Thanks! :) The feedback & comments I receive on this page really motivates me but you can also support the project by buying it here on or donate on which helps me to spend more time on the project & pay my composer :)

Umm.....i cant get out in the cave!Any Help?


Hey there! Which cave do you mean? The Shimmering Hollows? Can you describe what just happened in the game storywise, to give me a rough idea where you're at? c:

yes The Shimmering Hollows im stuck there..and im been playing the game for AN HOUR but cant GET OUT...when i killed the bandits in the cave..and the mother and the daughter run in the bottom rigth?so i followed them....and thengot stuck :P

Go back to the larger room where you fought the bandits and then head to the far upper left over a wooden bridge. From there you should be able continue. Hope this helps! :)





Ohmygood I'm super excited for the continuation!! The backgrounds are beautiful and I grew really attached to the characters.  You could see how much work you had to put into it. How long did it take to develop the demo? :o

The only thing I didn't like aesthetically that much is the map (where you travel from one town to the other). I don't know if you plan to change/or improve it but the 3D design didn't work out that well in my opinion.

All in all, I must say you did such a well done with the writing of the story, the concept is very interesting and tbh I'm just amazed how you could create a whole new world :D

I can't wait to buy the whole game!! And good luck!!


Heeey thank you so much for your kind words! Honestly, I don't really want to think about how long it took me. But at least 4 years up to now, with lots of reworking and some pauses.

You're talking about the overworld, right? The Mode7 was kind of an homage to earlier RPGs but I totally get your point :D Coincidentally, I'm currently redesigning it, because the old Mode7-plugin I was using doesn't work with newer versions of the game engine. So I'll propably end up without the 3D :D

Thanks again for your comment! I really appreciate the feedback c:

Deleted post

Hey there! Sorry to hear about your channel and don't worry. Although I hope, that you'll come back when the new chapter releases :)


I have been playing this game and this is one of my all time favorites. Keep up the good work on this and can't wait for the full version to come out


Thank you very much! :) 


Amazing! I have recorded 4 parts and cant wait to get the next part! The music is beautiful, the story is to captivating and the begining pulld on my heart strings! Combat is interesting for turn-base. 10/10 game so far to me.

Oh, wow thank you so much for your kind words. You're AgentJ on YT right? I got a notification on Facebook about your LPs. Definitely going to watch & share them later this week! :) 

Thanks again!


You're very much welcome, and yes im Agent J. I honestly cant wait when this game is released. Ive posted my recording on your game on Facebook, as well as Tuber's Amino and will be glad to see that you guys will be chacking outmy video! Hope you enjoy it, even though its got no commentary.

is it done yet just saying (:

Sadly not, I'm sorry :D It'll take a few more months at least. But I'll soon release a big news update on the game's progress. 

How to get the game started? I clicked on the launcher app but nothing happened.

Hey there! I need a bit more information to help you: Does a black window pop up? Or do you see nothing at all? What OS are you running?

Nothing at all. I'm using windows 10.

What happens if you open the bin-directory and then execute the Game.exe inside of it?

I did it already, and nothing happened. This is weird. I tried to run it with administration and without antivirus app, still hopeless.

We can try something else:

  1. Open the game's folder. Navigate to "bin/Fonts", right-click on the "Formal436 BT.ttf"-Fontfile and select "Install". This should install the game's font on your system. 
  2. Then go up one directory to "bin" and start the Game.exe in that directory again.


The story is addicting (makes you crave for more!), the art is beautiful (I especially like the part on that windy hills(?) where they first met cassandra and masame). I like the combat system too . There are a few bugs here and there, but that to be expected (it's still in development, after all). 

Do you have at least an estimation when the full version will be released?

Hey there! Wow, thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad you like that part where the party gets introduced to Cassandra, I had so much fun working on that part :)

Not really at the moment. I'm working full force on it, but I have still a lot of work ahead of me. But please stay around for future updates on the game's progress :) Thanks again!

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This game is incredible. i spent a day playing the demo. I am really looking forward for the full version. The graphic of the game is well-elaborated and the story line is intriguing. One thing I found as a problem is that whenever I am facing the wild beasts, if i want to escape I can't, rather the game clashes and shuts down.

Thank you so much for your feedback :) I'm glad you enjoyed the game! And sorry about the apparent bug with escaping, I'll look into it as soon as possible.

Hey there's a bug in the demo when Shawn and Raphael are trying to get up the path with the grappling hook- The mountain goats (I think?) should be moving at random and you can move past them but one is standing still and blocking the way. If this isn't a glitch and I'm just being stupid then please let me know! This game looks fantastic so far!

You mean the goats up the stone stairs or the ones up on the cliff where you only get with the hook? Because the latter just have a small treasure lying around near them. To progress you have to go back down and head north for the stairs. Hope this helps! :)

the one with the hook. I'm a completionist when it comes to video games, especially before they come out officially because it helps to test for glitches. Speaking of which, I've found some more, mostly small things, but one causes the game to close. I can email the pictures/videos or I can try to do it over the comments. If you have an email or a discord that you would be willing to share though, that would be appreciated

That would be amazing! Please send your compilation to :) Thank you!

Can do!


Yes, very visually impressive and beautiful ^_^~
A lot of work. Well done \o/

Yeah, it was a loooot of work, thank you so much! Happy you liked it! c:


is finished now plz I been waiting for a week 😞

Sorry, it's gonna take longer than that :D


I love this game!!!!!!

Thank you!! c:

is it ready yet please plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz your fan ilow :3

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the game numina bye love you 


Hey there! I'm working hard on it but you have to be a liiiiiiitle bit patient :D


This is one of the best free games i've played so far. Keep up the good work man, excited for the full release!

Thank you very much!  :)


Thank you so much for not making this a german-only release. I've always wanted to play games like this. Can't wait to buy the finished version ^_^

And thank you so much for playing it! :) Happy you enjoyed it!

I'm having issues running the game, everytime I open it the game freezes.

Okay,  I need a bit more information to help you: Does a black window pop up? Or do you see nothing at all? What OS are you running?

a black window pops up and it says it is not responding, I am running windows 10.

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Okay, we can try a few things. 

  1. Open the game's folder. Navigate to "bin/Fonts", right-click on the "Formal436 BT.ttf"-Fontfile and select "Install". This should install the game's font on your system. 
  2. Then go up one directory to "bin" and start the Game.exe in that directory.

If that works you'll propably have to always start the game through the bin/Game.exe. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience and I hope this solves your problem!

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Undertale + Link = THIS MASTERPIECE




No Problem! :D

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is the chapter 2 coming soon

It'll take some time, I'm currently estimating somewhere next year. Thank you very much for your interest & please stick around for future updates! 🙂


thank you for quick respond :)


um hello i just finshed your game it was amazing but i really want to see the ending plz will tell if you finished plz i really love your game and charaters plz do more and i want to know what happend to shawn plz  from ilow  p.s  i love your game please make of this game but the full game and can you finished numina please i want to see the ending hope you answer it :D  

Hey there! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm & interest in the game! 😊 I'm working hard on the release of the next chapter. I guess it'll be around next year.

Hi, I just downloaded the game but the grappling hook doesn't seem to be working?

Where are you trying to use it exactly? :o

I can see the exclamation mark which I believe indicates that I can call an action? However, when I press Enter, it does nothing. 

Can you tell me the location/place in the game where this happens?

Paths of Shrouding Mist. 

I'll look into it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Okay, I have to admit that this spot is a bit finicky. You have to be on these exact spots to activate the hook: 

I'll make it a bit more clearer where to stand. But for now, please use the above screenshot as a reference. And once again, sorry for the inconvenience!

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